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What Matters

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What Matters in Life? What Matters to You? What Matters to God? This is a conversation worth having.

The world is a harsh place where the strongest dominate and injustice seems to prevail... and those who are louder and more attractive are praised and promoted. But God turned that all around when Jesus Christ said some of the most revolutionary, counter-cultural things ever.

These teachings are captured in 8 themed Conversation Cards, that open an honest dialogue on What Matters most in life and What Matters to God.

Grace Over Karma
Humility Over Promotion
Love That Sacrifices
Heart Over Appearance
Peace Over Harmony
Strength In Suffering
Weak Over The Strong
Longing of Justice

The What Matters? Conversation Cards come packed in a beautiful fold-out portfolio box with instructions for use and follow-up gospel content found at the website.