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This is the inspiring story of an unlikely partnership between the local Church and the openly gay mayor of Portland, Oregon, which led to unprecedented change throughout the city and launched a nationwide movement called CityServe.

Author Kevin Palau says: "we are wildly enthusiastic about loving and serving our neighbours and we are wildly enthusiastic about sharing this message of Good News"

Portland is among the most un-churched and politically progressive cities in the USA. It's culturally hip, environmentally green and socially liberal. You wouldn’t expect Portland to launch one of the most successful partnerships between the local church and local government. But it has.

In 2008, Kevin Palau and a group of Portland pastors approached the local mayor and asked the question: how can we serve you with no strings attached? The mayor's office identified five initial areas of need—hunger, homelessness, healthcare, the environment and public schools. So began a partnership.
Since then, the CityServe model has spread exponentially, inspiring communities across the the USA to take up the cause in their own cities, showing how the gospel can truly penetrate a region—through word and deed.