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SHIFTm2M - Knowing Him Video and Podcast USB

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This USB drive contains supplemental videos and podcasts for the Knowing Him Study Guide. This product is also available as a package with the Knowing Him guide.

The video series is available for free on Vimeo and the podcasts can also be downloaded for free via this store.



"Movement Building Insights from the Life of Christ" is a 41 part video series that explores the gospels from the land of Israel. Our emphasis in these videos is on the methodology Jesus used to launch a movement that would take the gospel message around the world. While Jesus is fully God, He became fully man and this series explores how Jesus made leadership decisions in the culture, geography, and political context that existed in the gospels.



This series of podcasts supplements the 50 studies in Knowing Him, which explores the life of Christ chronologically and unpacks His disciplemaking movement strategy.