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Preparing For Marriage

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Preparing for Marriage is a dynamic resource designed to help you lay the foundation for a strong, Christian marriage.

The study includes six fun, romantic sessions and five special projects that will prepare you for the important, lifelong task of building a Christian marriage. 

To get the most out of this study, both you and your fiancee will need your own personal copies of Preparing for Marriage.

 You each will learn about God's unique blueprints for your marriage:

  • Discern God's will for your relationship
  • Handle your finances and plan for the future
  • Clarify your marital roles and responsibilities
  • Establish a positive, loving sexual relationship
  • Deal with issues, expectations and family histories
  • Evaluate as a couple your readiness for marriage

The Couples pack includes 2 books.

The Study pack includes 2 books and 1 leader guide.