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Go, Do, Say, Give

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Gifted evangelist, communicator and mentor, Keith Bubalo, shares what it means to live out and live under the lordship of Jesus. It’s also the perfect resource for you to help others who are seeking to do the same.

In seven engaging chapters, Keith Bubalo explains, in depth, what it means to Pledge: Lord Jesus, I surrender to you ... and in the power of your Spirit... I will go where you want me to what you want me to do... say what you want me to say...give what you want me to give...for your honor and glory, Amen.

Go Do Say Give is a biblical explanation of what it means to yield to Jesus as Lord, and experience his power in our lives each day. Yielding our lives to Christ, surrendering everything to Jesus, such phrases call for practical explanation and daily application, which GDSG faithfully provides. At the end of each chapter are questions for personal reflection, one on one mentoring, or small group discussion. As a ministry resource, GDSG communicates the Lordship of Jesus Christ in a transferable way.