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Encouragement for Broken hearted Homes

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Soothing Words for the Grieving Heart

Whether your loss came suddenly or after a long-term illness, you are undoubtedly brokenhearted. But in the midst of suffering you can find hope and courage. You are not alone. God is with you. He sees your pain and He understands your sorrow.

Whenever you find it hard to go on, or just need a word of encouragement, open this book. In its pages, you will:

    • Discover comforting words through inspirational readings.
    • Feel your spirit uplifted and encouraged through key Scripture verses.
    • Gain a better understanding of the grief process from grief experts.
    • Find out what to do when grief isn't going well.
    • Learn how to help children better deal with grief.

With the help of God, the support of caring family members and friends, and inspirational resources like this booklet, you can emerge on the other side of grief.

Experience peace and joy in ways you never thought possible!