Emotionally Healthy Skills Course

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Emotionally Healthy Skills 2.0 provides the necessary practical skills for your spiritual formation journey so that you can grow into an emotionally and spiritually mature follower of Christ.

Each 20-25 minute DVD session with Pete and Geri Scazzero is designed to teach you new skills that enable you to put Scripture into practice. Integrating these skills into your friendships, small group, family, workplace, neighborhood, and church will transform both you and those around you.
The eight sessions include:
WEEK 1: Introduction and Community Temperature Reading
WEEK 2: Stop Mind Reading and Clarify Expectations
WEEK 3: Genogram Your Family
WEEK 4: Explore the Iceberg
WEEK 5: Incarnational Listening
WEEK 6: Climb the Ladder of Integrity
WEEK 7: Clean Fighting
WEEK 8: Develop a Rule of Life to Implement Emotionally Healthy Skills


Pack includes DVD course and 5 workbooks. Awesome value at just $19.95