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Discipling Women

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For 20 years, Lori Joiner has set the pace as a discipleship coach for women. From single women to married, college students to missionaries, she has a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience relating to women on many different levels.

Filled with personal stories, humorous examples and helpful advice, Discipling Women will guide you in how to invest spiritually in other women. Whether you are reaching out to a new Christian, a neighbor, or in full time vocational ministry, Discipling Women gives the answers, lift and encouragement you need.

?There are several issues that can hinder a woman as she grows spiritually. Discipling Women will assist you as you navigate through sensitive areas with your disciple.

Includes Sensitive Issues Women Face
Daughters and Their Fathers: "Can I really trust you Lord?"
Eating Disorders: "If I eat this, it will make me fat..."
Abortion: "I look in the mirror and think, 'What have I done?'"
Lesbianism: "Have I crossed a line yet?"
Sexual Abuse: "I'll never tell..."
Comparison: "I wish I looked like her."
Imagination: "A woman's thoughts can be her ally or her enemy..."
Depression: "I'm not valuable to anyone..."
Sexually Transmitted Diseases: "Who's going to want me now?"