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Dating During the Apocalypse

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Dating During the Apocalypse is a collaboration of essays from 32 female writers of all ages and from different walks of life. Women who work as mentors, teachers, writers, lecturers and social justice activists. All of them share a love for writing. In sharing their stories as well as their thoughts on some of the things God has taught them over the years, their hope is that you will grow to become all that Jesus desires for you—his plans, his designs…for you.

This is a book without judgment and with much encouragement that’s filled with grace and love. It’s also a book to learn from, from women who have been there, done that, and walked a few steps ahead of you.

The essays in this collection are as unique as the women who wrote them. They range from dating to mentoring and everything in between. We hope you’ll gather insight as you read, and most importantly grow in your love for God as you understand how deep his love is for you.

KATHERINE JAMES has worked with Cru for thirty years and seen God do amazing things. Presently she’s senior editor for Cru Press and gets to read, edit, and try not to overwhelm her husband, the publisher. She has an Postgraduate degree from Columbia University and is published in various journals and anthologies. She blogs at