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Coffee Dates for Couples

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Love plus coffee equal the perfect recipe for romance.

Warm up your love life with satisfying and memorable coffee shop moments. Join your partner in smooth, full-bodied conversations that blend stimulating depth and a soulful connection.

Coffee Dates for Couples provides refreshing conversation starters and flavourful date ideas. Enjoy the rich aroma of a robust, spicy conversation with your partner in the haven of java!

This 103-page gem offers all a couple needs to plan no-fuss dates and inspiring conversation over a cup of coffee. Suggestions for a variety of coffee dates, coffee facts, questions, and quizzes are all included to stimulate conversation in a variety of settings. Couples can take turns initiating the ideas presented.

Categories include:

  • Coffee on the go
  • Coffee at home
  • Coffee off the beaten path
  • Coffeehouse conversations
  • Coffee around the world
  • Coffee questions and quizzes
  • Coffee warm-ups

About Simply Romantic®

The Simply Romantic® line of products is specifically geared toward married couples. From easy-to-use tips books, to planning an enchanted evening, to whisking your partner off for a weekend of romance, these products will enhance any married couple’s romance quotient.