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"All you Christians are just a bunch of hypocrites!"

Unfortunately comments like this and the deep passionate emotion behind them define today's postmodern culture. Truth is, according to a recent study by the Barna group, their number one reason for rejecting Christianity is a lack of authentic Christians among their peers. Meanwhile, we are so busy being Christians and doing Christian activities in our churches that we are not relating to people on a meaningful, authentic way.

If this generation, who will lead our country in the coming years, does not find authentic Christian faith, what will become of our country? What is at stake if we lose the hearts of our future leaders to darkness? In his new book, Authenticity: Real Faith in a Phony, Superficial World, author Chad Young writes from a place of someone who has struggled with a worldly lifestyle and also the distractions of living in such a busy culture. Through its anecdotes and relational tone, this book will lead believers on the journey toward authentic Christian faith.

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