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A new name for CCCA


Dear Friends

What’s in a name?

We have some exciting news for you about the future of Campus Crusade for Christ Australia (CCCA).

On the 1st of February 2016, the name of our organisation has become to Power to Change.


Our new logo is……








Around the globe Campus Crusade for Christ national ministries have been going through their own name changes.

Nowadays Campus Crusade for Christ is known as “Cru” in the USA, “Agape” in Europe and “Tandem” in New Zealand. Campus Crusade for Christ is also known as “Power to Change” in Canada and our Canadian colleagues have been supportive and enthusiastic about us adopting the same name as them.

While we are changing our name, we are not changing our purposes. We remain just as committed to playing our part in fulfilling the Great Commission. As a Resources store we will still focus on making available innovative and effective evangelism and discipleship literature and media.

If you would like to find out more about our new name and the philosophy behind the change please visit: http://powertochange.org.au/faq-new-name. There is also a Power to Change newsletter available, if you would like a copy, please email me via resources@ccca.org.au



Resources Manager